Weather icon name NaN in widget


I have a DarkSky weather widget that is working fine except for the weather icon. When looking at the html

<p class="primary-climacon NaN" data-bind="css: icon"></p>

there’s a “NaN” instead of the weather icon name. It looks like a javascript problem but I cannot pinpoint it. The sensor itself (sensor.dark_sky_icon) is providing a correct name so it seems (partly-cloudy-day). The forecast weather icon has the same problem. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


YEap, I have the same issue… apparently some icon names were changed recently by and mapping of darksky icon names to one that are used by hassio does not work properly for this particular one. I tried to manyally change mapping in script, but probably do not understand the logic fully, so it did not helped (or cache issues, so it diod not got refreshed).

I don’t think it is related to materialdesignicons. The icons should come from Climacons. If I replace “NaN” with, for example, “partly-cloudy-day” then I do see the icon.

I found and fixed the problem in the baseweather widget.
Here’s the fix: