Weather integrations (, accuweather, openweathermap)

Hi, pretty new to HA (running on RPi4), and a bit frustrated at what’s supposed to be the most basic integration. I want to have current weather + 5 day forecast with day/night temps.

So right out of the box I’ve got the integration, which in terms of displayed data is real good for my use cases. There’s current weather and then 5 days daily forecast. It’s also accurate in terms of current weather conditions. But the integration is constantly unavailable with ClientConnectorError in logs.

I also tried AccuWeather, which seem to be reliable in terms of availability, but there is no way of getting forecasts. The config has show_forecast: false and when I try to set it to true, the cursor just jumps to the start of config and value resets to false.

Third option was OpenWeatherMap. This one seems to be the most off in terms of current weather conditions and there is no way of getting daily forecast. Forecast is only available for current day.

What do you use for weather?

accuweather CAN provide forecast - but you need to check that option in the configuration :slight_smile:

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Oh man…hidden in plain sight :smiley:
Thank you!

tbh: I had the same issue just recently… that’s why I remembered (

Thank you @CChris . This is exactly what I needed! I have been looking for a good source of weather forecast information, and this will be it.