Weather longterm database - create a longterm history data extract, independent of "purge_keep_days"

I would love it to see an additional db to store weather data Additionaly.
But not the raw weather data.
It should automatically extract important data once per day.

  • Max temperature on this day
  • Min temperature on this day
  • Average temperature on this day
  • For different sensors ( Temp, Humidity, Wind, etc)

So only a few values per day, including timestamp, in a separate db file.

With a separate file, it won’t hurt to delete the standard history database file when it is too large.
It would also be possible to set “purge_keep_days” to a low value, and keep only the “Data extract” database file.

Use a time series database like InfluxDB for long term data and keep the ‘normal’ database. That’s what I do. I keep non-important data for a week with the recorder and store everything important indefinitely in influxdb.

Do you also extract the data? Or save the data as it is?

Some of them I extract, some I use as is. But why do you want to store weather data? Where I live I can get the weather data and a report describing what the weather was like on my date of birth.