Weather panel no longer working

Restarted my hassio setup today and the weather card seems broken:
Using the latest weather panel:


Anyone seen this before and any idea on how to fix it? I’m running latest build on my pi4
Restarted several time and no change

I have the same problem after updating :frowning:

I believe it is my actual weather.home entity that is busted, which is not part of the custom weather card correct? As in I can’t even get the default weather card to work.

Try just rebooting again. A lot of times I need to do an extra reboot as 1 of my light switches isn’t found for some RaNdOm reason.

If that doesn’t fix it there might be something wrong with what ever you are using to get the weather.

5 times at least and nope, even went to version 1.4.0 from 1.4.1 to see if it helps
Restored a backup from last night and fixed it somehow.
Good thing I installed the autobackup addon :slight_smile:

Wait, there is an autobackup addon?
Where do I find this goodness.

Thanks. Installed :smiley: