Weather problems

I’m new to Home assistant and I’m just into configuring my installation on a Pi3. Needless to say, a lot of learning is happening. I have been trying to configure a weather display using data from the UK Met Office and am having no luck. I have registered an api with them and installed the text in my sensors.yaml file exactly as it appears in the home-assistant components page but I am not getting any display of data on my ‘states’ screen. I have checked all my yams files using Yaml Lint and the all check out OK and other sensors in my sensors file display correctly. Does anyone have any experience with the Met Office api or would I be better trying another weather service? Thanks.

The Met Office sensor is broken it has never worked. You could use Dark Sky instead.

Thanks Daveyrb. If I use Darksky am I liable to get into the realms of having to pay? .i.e do you have any idea how many times it would be accessed per day from my system? thanks

I use and have never exceeded the free allowance this from the website:

You can make up to 1000 calls per day for free which means that you could make one approximately every 86 seconds.