Weather radar refresh using cast

I’m using a Google Nest Hub for a family friendly HA interface and trying to incorporate a weather radar loop based on a link to a HTTPS weather underground page. The two lovelace configuration options I’ve tried don’t work correctly, so looking for other ideas.

Config option 1: Picture element. This configuration renders perfectly on the Hub screen, but the image never refreshes, so is out of date.

lovelace config:

              - type: picture
                image: >-

Config option 2: Camera and picture-entity. This renders perfectly in the lovelace web browser interface (Chrome) and the loop updates regularly. However, on the Hub it displays “preview of the weather radar camera” and no image is shown.


  - platform: generic
    name: Weather Radar
    still_image_url: ""
    stream_source: ""

lovelace config:

              - type: picture-entity
                entity: camera.weather_radar
                camera_view: live
                show_name: false
                show_state: false
                aspect_ratio: 75%

Does anyone have other options or suggestions for getting the weather radar loop to display and refresh correctly on the google hub?

It’s been a while since I’ve tested Wunderground’s API, but there are some other apps available on the market now for Google Nest Hub that display animated/looping weather radar.