Weather Sources and Card Modification Assistance Requested

I’ve been into home automation for years, but am late to the Home Assistant party. As such, I appear to have missed the boat on weather service providers - it seems like DarkSky was by far everyone’s favorite. I’ve signed up for about every provider that still offers a free API service, and although the data that each of these services return seem to vary wildly with one another I’m leaning toward OpenWeather.

So my issue is with the most robust, animated weather card I’ve been able to find to fit my needs (Bram Kratgen’s). My issue is twofold: OpenWeather does not supply visibility data, and the barometric pressure that is returned needs to be rounded down:


I can usually follow code, but I’m not a developer. What/how do I modify weather-card to get some other OpenWeather data in the visibility spot (e.g. UV index), and get the pressure reading rounded down?

Thanks in advance,