Weather Underground - Latest Update on API access

Just in case you’re not on the distribution list or haven’t seen it yet - this is the latest info I received from WUnderground yesterday:

  • If you are a Personal Weather Station owner , you will receive more information about our plan to offer free access to the data you provide to Weather Underground. We’ll reach out once that plan has been finalized.
  • For developers who use WU API data for non-commercial purposes , you will have access to a new plan for a personal use, low call volume API. Stay tuned for more details as we build this out.

Looks like they’re slicing it pretty thin, the API will be retired by 12/31/18 but they are still keeping the ‘new and improved’ access of PWS owners to their data a secret.
For me, and many others I’ve seen on the WUndergroud forums, there is no use in providing my data to them free of charge if I can’t get it back.
So, I’ll probably turn my upload off on 1/1/19.

My Ambient Weather Station supports uploading the data to PWS Weather, but I don’t know yet how to get it into HA from there.

Anybody got any detailed plans yet?

Looks like some people got more recent news than I did - look here:

Yes, they are cutting it pretty close. I’d like to know more as I really don’t want to have to go and change too much around.

For me, I’m looking at maybe using MetOffice, and our local weather office here in Australia (BOM) also uses the MetOffice. Only thing is looking at the sensors available I loose a few readings, pressure and solar radiation.

The other option I have is WeatherCloud. Using anything else will require me to somehow capture the data from my weather station and save it somewhere else.