Weatherproof Control Panel

I am working on my spa pool area and would like to incorporate a control panel of some type. It will control a media player, pause/play toggle, mute toggle, next track, random play. Also toggle some lights or change up a wled effect.

It will be out in all weathers. Wifi is available.

I have looked at ruggedised tablets, but they seem overly expensive and perhaps overkill, I don’t need to control the whole house.

I am thinking some httm buttons/esphome and a waterproof box with a glass/plexi front, perhaps even a small oled to provide feedback.

Anyone got any better ideas?

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This might not be exactly what you had in mind but it might be worth a look.

I first learned of its existence from the Locus Map forum. That’s a backcountry navigation app used by cyclists and hikers. Imagine a phone attached to a bike’s handlebar and you want to, say, pan the map. Not so easy or precise (or safe) when you are moving. So someone came up with the idea of using a Bluetooth media controller attached to the handlebars. Much easier to stab the controller’s buttons with a thumb; the commands are received by the navigation app and used to pan the map (or do other things).

Anyway, it might fit the bill assuming the availability of a Bluetooth connection and some form of existing integration.

That one is round but there are many variants including the more traditional ‘candybar’ format.

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Possibly search for the Nextion screen projects here at the Home Assistant message board?

I used an M5Stack Core2 and linked to Home assistant using MQTT - Only problem is finding a weather proof enclosure - I have to bring it inside when not in the pool.

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Thanks, nice device.

Very nice, simple, effective screens.

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If anyone wants the code let me know

Updated setup

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Looks great. Is that weatherproof?

And, yes please. Really interested to see your code.

Here as well, would love to see the code and maybe some building instructions… :wink:

They come built!