WeatherXM integration. Get free data (and forecast) from weather stations around the world

WeatherXM is a huge network of weather stations powered by community members (who then get rewarded by it).

You can see a full map of the entire network here:

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.

This integration creates multiple sensor for all the devices you follow using your WeatherXM account.


For now*, this integration creates the following sensors:

  • weather.<alias>, with all the weather and forecast information.
  • sensor.<alias>_battery, with the battery level of the device.
  • sensor.<alias>_firmware, with the firmware version of the device.
  • sensor.<alias>_rewards, with the rewards of the device (also has total_rewards as additional attribute).
  • sensor.<alias>_total_rewards, with the total rewards generated to date from that device.

<alias> is the alias of the device defined via the WeatherXM app. If you have not defined an alias, the device ID will be used instead.

* I say “for now”, because I’m thinking in some more sensors and features, like the hability to manage your follows directly from the integration.

How to use it

  • Create your weatherXM account via the weatherXM app.
  • With that same app, follow any station you want to grab data from. No need to own them!
  • Define custom alias to your stations if you want them have custom sensor names.
  • Install the integration
  • On HACS, search for WeatherXM and add the integration
  • When configuring it, define your WeatherXM account username and password. Chose if you want to only show your devices by selecting “Filter owned devices”.
  • Enjoy!