Web local page and cookies

Hi, I have an alarm system that is controlled from a local page http.
in home assistant dashboard i created a web page card where I entered the local address of the alarm (http.//192…).
Using firefox browser it is all ok, but using home assistant on tablet by wallpannel or fully kiosk, I have this message:

a page embedded in 192… says: attention: to log in to the system, your browser must support cookies and the cookie activation option must be selected

is there a way to fix it? or is there another way to access the local alarm page without having problems with cookies?

many thanks

If I do not remember wrong there is an option in fully kiosk to allow cookies. Look at the settings, I do not have my tablet here right now but according the website.

**Lockdown or configure numerous web content features like Allow Third Party Cookies

Edit: I think is in Advanced Web Settings

Hi, the option is actived but i have always this problem…