Web panel card not updating

Hi Everyone, first time here posting after several months of solving every hurdle by reading and/or experimenting and I thank you all for your contributions to this knowledge base as it’s been very valuable. This problem has me stumped though and hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the cause.

There is a script running on another device that outputs a small text file. The script completes by copying (via Samba add-in) to my home assistant instance \192.168.x.x\config\www\ . When logging into the hassos, the file is listed at /mnt/data/supervisor/homeassistant/www and all is good so far.

I proceeded to add a Webpage Card to my dashboard and pointed it to /local/filename.txt and I was quite happy to see the text file get displayed on the dashboard.

However, the script generates a new file a couple times a week and the file copies over correctly as I can cat it via the hassos. The Webpage card is still displaying the orginal file contents though even though that file has been overwritten several times. I assume it’s cached somewhere and not sure how to force it to update in the card. Any suggestions?

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I try something simmilar and I have the same problem that the WebPage is not updating - how do You fixed it?