Web_relay_con_v2.0 - 16 relay controller

Anyone use this relay connector: LINK

It is fast and can be controlled with http commands.

I have only one problem I can’t change IP addresse permanently.

I can change ip address on web, but after I turn off and back on power supply, ip is back on default.

I can’t find manuals for this relay.

Anyone try this relay and head more luck than me?

Actually this device has several problems. The hardware is excellent, but the firmware lacks several needed features. Not only does it revert to defaults on power cycle (as you noted with regard to the IP address), but all the devices have the same MAC address. This project on Github may be helpful if you have some technical expertise. Look at the documentation to decide if you are interested. https://github.com/nielsonm236/NetMod-ServerApp

I added a video demonstrating a reprogrammed V2.0 module at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EmmJZlkIXQ

On GitHub - Edzelf/HW-584: Software for HW-584 Ethernet module you can find software for this device written for PlatformIO.

An updated video for replacement firmware for the device is at YouTube4Web Relay Con V2.0 HW-584 Network Module 8/16 Channel Relay Controller ENC28J60 New Firmware - YouTube. The GitHub project for the firmware is at GitHub - nielsonm236/NetMod-ServerApp: Reprogramming the Web_Relay_Con V2.0 HW-584 Network Module