Web UI never loads but CLI appears ok (loads)

Excuse my ignorance on this stuff but I have an Intel NUC with HA. I used the HA image installation and everything had been perfect for a week or so. Now, it seems HA is freezing/stuck and the web UI will not load. I restart/reboot using the CLI. I don’t see any errors in the CLI but the web ui remains inaccessible–like it’s timing out now.

FYI, once it boots up, I see the “ha >” prompt. There are no errors reported on that screen. The Home Assistant observer screen shows “connected, supported, healthy”.

I have no idea where to even start looking. I’m guessing its an integration or something like that which is causing the HA OS to freeze. I restored a backup onto a separate machine and eventually it too started freezing. So the NUC and odroid machines are both freezing on the web UI but accessible via CLI.

I checked home-assistant.log and found this:

WARNING (Recorder) [homeassistant.components.recorder.util] The system could not validate that the sqlite3 database at //config/home-assistant_v2.db was shutdown cleanly

Not sure if that’s significant (or how to resolve if so).

I get that validation warning too but it does not stop me from accessing the web UI.

Note: there are multiple system logfiles. You can move the system media (e.g. SD Card for odroid) to a Windows system and use Linux Reader to read the partitions and files.

  • Home-assistant.log
  • home-assistant.log.1
  • Home-assistant.log.fault

There is this option too:

How to get to your log after restart/restore.

I agree with you that it might be a misbehaving integration. A simple way to troubleshoot a rouge integration is to disable each integration, in what ever order you see fit (one at a time, everything at once then enable each individually, etc.). A more through way is documented here:

2024.5+: Tracking down instability issues caused by integrations.