Webasto ThermoConnect integration

Just to see how much time and effort I should put into this.

How many might be interested in getting full (or near full) realtime integration with Webast ThermoConnect?

I know there has been a few unsuccessful tries before - but I can reveal that I have developed a nearly fully functional module for direct integration with the non-documented API.

Almost about to start on the first iteration of an integration.


Hello, I would definitely be interested in our “vehicle fleet :crazy_face:” of three cars with the webasro app. The wish would of course be to preheat the cars according to the wake-up times of the iPhones.

Interesting :slight_smile: Does all 3 cars belong to the same email?

Hello, yes two via one account. We have to select the appropriate car in the app when changing vehicles / drivers. The app can apparently only manage two vehicles per account. The third is separate. That’s why it would be great to have the entire administration under one interface.

It will not work - as it is now - with the account with more than one car in it.

But I’m very interested in making the integration support multiple vehicles in one account, but that would probable require me to have access to that account, to sniff the API structure.


It ain’t in the default HACS list, yet, but if you add GitHub - MTrab/webastoconnect: Integration for Webasto ThermoConnect devices as a custom repository, then it’s already available.

Currently it only supports 1 vehicle pr. email. Perhaps support for multiple vehicles will be added at some point, when I get access to API data for multiple vehicles in one account.

Hi, thank you for this idea and implementation. I tried to get this working up to the point where the add-on asks for the “thermo connect” credentials, after which I get an error message “Unknown error occurred”. I tried reinstalling the add-on and restarting HA but the situation doesn’t change. Any suggestions?

You need to enter the email and password as you would, logging in to the website or the app.

I did this. Just to be sure, I reset my password and entered a new one to ensure that I’m definitely inputting the correct email and password. They work on the Webasto site, but not through the add-on.

Does the logfile reveal anything more useful?

The log file doesn’t show anything about Webasto.

Then I’m blank unfortunately. Guess I’d require your credentials to figure out a fix for that issue

Hello, this issue has been resolved. Through the Webasto application, I was connected to My Webasto Connect, and the timers were working, but this was not sufficient, at least on the iOS operating system, as the login process was incomplete.

I logged in to My Webasto Connect through a web browser, and the problem disappeared. Everything is now functioning as it should.

Thanks for developing this!

Very keen on this. Will it work with a ThermoConnect TCon2 connected to an Air Top 2000 STC?
I am picking up the TCon2 tomorrow… Intstallation on an off grid mountain cabin.

It will - this is exactly an integration for the ThermoConnect devices.

AUX output switching added just now, in v0.2.0

Amazing! Been looking for an integration like this for a long time. Installed and it seems to work at the first try.

Thanks so much for the great work!!

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hi from Vienna,

found your integration and excitedly installed it successfully in my HA

  • it shows wrong (defaulty?) values for battery voltage (13,3 instead of 13,5) and temperature
  • screenshots attached

anything I can check ?

Unfortunately I have no idea what could cause this.
It shows correctly with my own TCon II and the same with the others I have seen.

Unfortunately there is no publicly supported API, so all is trial and error.

To try and figure this out I’d need you to create an issue on GitHub and perhaps I would need access to your Webasto account to sniff the returned data some more.