Webauthn authentication (passkeys, security keys)

Support Webauthn authentication in the frontend. This will allow use of hardware security keys as well as passkeys. Ideally this should be offered as an alternative to a password, instead of as an MFA method.

+1 this would be really awesome!!


+1 on this. Google supporting passkeys since a few days official.


+1 I hope to increase security

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+1 it’s mandatory


would be great to get this feature available. Thanks in advanced for taking care about.

This could greatly increase login security for HA Servers that are exposed to the internet, as these already have HTTPS in most cases, it could either be used as MFA/2FA module (username+password+security key) or one could use it as a replacement for usernames/passwords by taking advantage of the new Passkey standard that the current versions of Android, Windows 11 and (AFAIK) all Apple OSes have built-in

+1 would be very helpful

+1 would also like to see passkeys in HomeAssistant

I think it would be ideal to do either/both. Sometimes it is useful to be able to fall back to username+password+TOTP