Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub integration

As far as I can tell - for Weber connect devices, Bluetooth is just used for pairing.

If you turn Bluetooth off, everything still works the same. That’s because it’s connected to a cloud websocket

Edit: seems like I was wrong. The data is transmitted over Bluetooth and websocket. But the andoird app actually seems to require Bluetooth even though the iOS app can work 100% without bluetooth

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

Very exciting!

If iOS can work without Bluetooth, presumably it’s possible then, right?

The android app doesn’t need Bluetooth. I’m cooking pork chops right now with Bluetooth turned off on my Android phone. It wasn’t turned on when I opened the app either.

Really exciting. I just got my grill and was hoping someone had figured out a way to sniff that device. Keep us posted !

Odd - Maybe it is my particular device or my particular emulator for android? Not sure.

Besides that though - I’ve hit a few barriers

  1. Time - A few other things have been occupying my time.

  2. I can connect to the websocket and even register a ‘companion app’. But I have not been able to find a way to sync the device to the companion app/ websocket.

  3. I have not found a way to decrypt the websocket messages.

If anyone is interested in assisting me in any of these, your support would be welcome. Their code is rather convoluted with a lot of overloading and unneeded code and it has been making things a bit difficult.

I have commitments for my current integrations that are taking priority, but once I finish both of them - I will continue working on this problem.

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Any luck on this? I just did a +1 with Weber on this feature request.

I’ve had a lot less time recently to be able to handle this. I haven’t made much progress. I can connect to a websocket, but I don’t have the method of decrypting ws messages yet or sync the websocket on to the companion app info.

Always willing to chat with anyone who wants to work on this on discord.

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