Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub integration

Anyone working to get the new wifi thermometer from Weber into Home Assistant?

Did you try if it works with this

I think this solution uses bluetooth to a RPI. Since the new Weber Connect uses Wifi, perhaps there is an API to integrate direct into Home Assistant?

Ah okey, I couldn’t find anything, probably also because it’s a pretty new product.

Watching this also. Couldn’t find anything on an API anywhere. Was looking to see if there’s any hardware out that HA has a function plugin for, but doesn’t seem to be anything yet. The igrill2 integration @stogs has been working on is the most promising (amazing work), but would be nice to have something wifi that doesn’t rely on a bluetooth Pi middleman.

I run Homeseer for zwave connectivity and I see simplex did a Fireboard plugin, but again it’s one more step.

I was also interested in buying this device.

I asked their eu support team for info about a local api, they replied:

I have just heard back from our App development team in the USA that we are not able to give this information out.

I also asked (in June 2020) for them to publish the user guide User Guides | Official Weber® Website
Which they went Radio silent on and still haven’t published.

Hello - BBQ season is about to start. Did anyone have any luck to get Weber Connect (via WLAN) connected to home-assistant?


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Hey, sorry to reopen old threads. I would like to integrate my connect hub but i’m a little lost on where to start…

I’m an experienced web dev and i’m willing to do some coding for this but i’m a little bit lost on where to start…
My connect hub has a static IP and i tried to wireshark the connection but either i’m a bloody wireshark noob or i’m stupid (or both :slight_smile: )

If anyone got a hint on where to start, let me know…



Has there been any progress on this. Would like to integrate this into home assistant. It would be cool to then link it up with Google Assistant or Alexa to have it announce when the temperature is reached…

So far what I found out:

The device itself has on WiFi no port open, I did a very lengthy angryIP scan session and tried all ports.
The first connection must be Bluetooth, then the device connects over WiFi (to AWS over TCP 443).
The app also connects to AWS, that’s how the connection from Weber Connect device to the app is established. I was not able to force it for a local connection over WiFi with disabled Internet in the WiFi network but the app then connects over Bluetooth only and does not switch to WiFi at all (despite the fact it showed me sporadically and briefly a WiFi connection to the device in the app), a 80 and 443 MITM did not show any independent communication between app and device over the network.

Did someone try to open it or has an idea to open it w/o destroying the plastic housing?
The FCC photos are ok but too bad to see which micro controller is in use.

And here is the site from Weber with release notes, IMHO not very useful:

Follow up:

I asked Weber for IFTTT or REST interface or some interface that we can use our Weber Connect hub in HA got ignored. Proper service. Here is the transcript of the message exchange to Weber, Dylan S replied:

Dylan S (Weber iGrill)

Jan 29, 2022, 17:41 CST

Hello Alex,

Thank you for reaching out to Weber! We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with our team. Weber is constantly working on ways to improve our products, our customer experience and of course our mobile device apps & website, and we are happy to pass your suggestions along. In fact, many of our app updates are a direct result of consumer feedback.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with, and we’d be glad to do so!

Many thanks,
Dylan S
Weber Consumer Care Team
Weber-Stephen Products LLC

Alexander Weber

Jan 27, 2022, 13:38 CST

Hi there,

as Weber I obviously have the correct grilling equipment :slight_smile:
But with Weber Connect I am not very happy for 2 major reasons:

  1. I expect proper release notes that help me as a user to understand why I want to update a software product. The ones for the app are ok, but for the hub they are not helpful at all. Pls compare Consumer Support and Consumer Support
    Any chance that you bring them to the same level? And a roadmap for features would be great, too!

  2. There is no IFTTT, Home Assistant, Homey, iobroker or other implementation available. Weber connect just sends to the cloud and the app connects to the cloud. So first of all no grilling over WiFi without Internet. Some tablets or phones do not have BT but WiFi.
    To be honest, in 2022 I expect some local integration. A simple web server displaying the different probes and additionally a REST interface and MQTT client somehow should not be too much expectation considered the expensive solution for a BT/WiFi enabled thermometer. And when I am then not somehow forced to use the cloud, I am even more happy. A setting on said web server to disable the cloud will do the trick. And a reset of the device will also reset this, so accidentally localized devices get back to cloud.

Thanks for taking my request into consideration,


I wrote them today again, this time I wrote to the executive team and the support. Let’s see what they come up with. When I have a reply I will post it.

Another thing that came to my mind: With BT we may be able to sniff the communication with an ESP. I did not try yet, did anyone?

Edit: I tried connecting one of the probes to an ESP32 and it gives mit proper values. This are very good news, because we can get rid of the Weber Connect device completely and produce an open source variant for not even 1/10 of the overpriced Weber Connect but with more features and fully compatible to the existing one.

And my mail was read by two of the 3 executives I wrote to, let’s hope they take it as a request to work together with their customers not like @marengaz expirienced.
BTW, did you purchase the device after they did not reply to you?


i bought it, experimented a bit, then sent it back and bought a meater!

I am really hoping for a way to integrate vis wifi or even with an esp32. Unfortunately haven’t been able to figure out how to decrypt the temps via Bluetooth :weary:

After all I can from my personal point of view just recommend everyone to stay away from Weber-Stephen products. Here is the reply:

Hi Alexander,

It sounds like you’re asking us for two things:

Informative release notes on pages like Consumer Support where we explain to customers what we have improved about the software with each version.

Integration of Weber Connect devices with home automation systems like and

Thanks for pointing out that our software release notes for some products have been lacking. This has been getting overlooked, and we will improve the level of detail in our release notes going forward.

Regarding integration of Weber Connect devices with home automation systems, we don’t have plans to do this work right now but we appreciate your interest in it and will consider your input. Doing it well will take time and energy that we’re currently devoting to making the main product experience better. But this is an area we’ve considered getting into, when we think we are ready.

In the meantime, we really do sincerely thank you for letting us know what you’re looking for us to improve on with our products and support! We’ll take your input into consideration and use it to help figure out our best way forward.

Matt Y

Weber Consumer Care Team

Weber-Stephen Products LLC

A further shout to work together with the community just stayed unanswered. So far for “Everything is possible”

2 Weeks ago Weber-Stephen exchanged their CEO over night and their shares crashed. Maybe the new CEO takes customers more serious but it seems they are struggling financially, so my hope is vanishing.

Still, I like the temperature probes and the product is - while totally overpriced for what it does - well designed. @limp15000 do we wanna try to proxy the amazon cloud with a local proxy, I would assume they don’t do proper certificate checks…

Quite sad indeed. I’m curious as to what they send to add…

Anyone know where to start to read the temperatures via bt and an esp32? I have an esp32 connected to a Miflora, would be cool to leverage the same to read temps on the thermometer.

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+1 as far as me for wanting something on this.

Interested also. Not sure how to go about getting the info via Bluetooth. It appears to have both wifi and Bluetooth.

Hello everyone - I’m the developer of the Roborock, Anova, and a few other integrations. I recently got a Weber connect grill and I’ve spent some time working on reverse engineering it.

I’ve made some good progress. I basically just need to do two things

  1. decrypt the websocket messages. I believe I have the decryption key but I need to test.
  2. I need to find a way to get the device id, it is done right now through the initial Bluetooth connection.

But all in all looking promising. I’ll hope to have an update within the next few weeks.

Just thought I’d let you all know in this dead thread that all hope is not lost

If anyone has experience and wants to help, feel free to pm me here or on discord(same username as here in ha discord


Amazing work, thank you! I’d love to help, but my python skills are zero. Happy to help with testing, documentation etc.

Does your integration use Bluetooth to speak to the device alone? The use of websockets implies talking to a server somewhere.