WebGui does not come back after restart whet connected via Cloud

Hi, as I had to open a cloud account in order to get alexa running, I managed in addition to switch from DuckDNS to the cloud remote access. To be mentioned: DuckDNs is still active for some remote connections but it is planned to replace step by step.
The problem now is, that always when executing a restart from Web UI, the ui does not come back even the restart has been finished without major problems.
It is alway necessary to log on to nabu casa first and connect from there.
Done this, all other running web ui’s (some tablets as display) reconnecting by themselves.
I had one tablet which was connected via localhost. That connected as soon as hassio was back from restart.

Connecting always with nabu casa first, cannot be the right way.
Is there any switch or config entry, I forgot in ordwer to enforce the reconnect of the web interface?

by the way: my http base_url is still set on duckdns meanwhile i connect the web interface via HA cloud.
Could that cause the problem?
I was unsure up to now, if replacing that to the cloud address will run without problems.

Update: Thats not the problem. Exchanged the base_url. Same behavior.
I have no idea now

I noticed I have this issue the other day too.

I can use the cloud address just fine but if I ask to reboot HASS via that interface I can’t get it to come back up.
What address do you use to log in via nabu-casa to get it working again?

I bought a domain and just forward that to my nabu-casa remote address so I’m not even using anything clever like DuckDNS.

I simply login nabu casa with my assigned account and then acces one time HA. It’s not necessary to really log in. As soon as the login appears, all other webinterfaces reconnect themselve.
So I do not get it working like it should be. It’s a workaround and not very comfortable.