WebHook Trigger with Alarm System (Lupus) - Help needed

Hello all,

I have a problem with a WebHook automation.

My alarm system can sends an “Action URL- http/https” with which I want to trigger an automation in HA.
The problem is, when I enter the link in the alarm system (Lupus XT2 +) and start a test run, I don’t get an error, but the WebHook trigger is not addressed either.

If I run the webhook via curl from another server in the LAN everything works.

How can I test if the alarm sends the correct command (post) and no get?

Tested so far:
HA tested internally - automation works
HA terminal - curl - works
Other Linux server in Lan - curl (curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” http://your-home-assistant:8123/api/webhook/some_hook_id) - works

Alarm system action URL (http://your-home-assistant:8123/api/webhook/some_hook_id) - does not work

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks in advance

Are you sure that it is https:// with Port 8123? Normaly it is http://.

Lupus will only fire the webhook with https by my observation. Had some problems with it, too. Lupus was not much of a help.


I copied a sample hook and overlooked that it was https:/…
Correct is of course http://… I
Thanks for the info, I have subsequently improved this in the first post.

About the Lupus configuration:
I have both cameras and relays (Shelly) that I can address via the alarm systems internal Action URL’s.

I have taken a Shelly (2 relays) and currently use that as a trigger for the ALarm automation:

Lupus - Arm Home = Relay 1 on via Action URL
Lupus - Arm Full = Relay 2 on per Action URL
Lupus - DIsarm = Relay 1&2 off per Action URL

This works fine. Using the webhook I was hoping to save the relay and run the automation directly.
Unfortunately this does not work so far between Lupus and HA.

I will try to write to Lupus again.

Am grateful for any further help!