Webhook with POST


I use HA to switch on the light in the house in the event of an alarm. Since HA has only supported POST commands so far and the triggering app can only GET commands, I had to take the indirect route via IFTTT.

The GET webhook was set up as follows:


In IFTTT I had the following ACTION:

I have now set up the automation to support GET commands.

platform: webhook
webhook_id: Einsatz
  - POST
  - GET
local_only: false

My webhook is correctly triggered, the automation starts, but the values are not yet interpreted correctly.

  - conditions:
      - condition: template
        value_template: "{{ trigger.json.event == 'Alarm 1' }}"

The new WebHook directly to HA looks like this


What do I have to adjust so that the values are read out correctly again?
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should configure this?

Thank You
Best regards