Webhooks API or Nabu Casa

What is the difference between using a trigger that references a webhook endpoint like http://your-home-assistant:8123/api/webhook/some_hook_id as described in automation triggers and using the webhook generated by Nabu Casa if you subscribe to cloud? It seems the direct method would be preferred to avoid reliance on Nabu Casa.

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I ask this because my Nabu Casa versions keep disappearing and when they do, the automations triggered by the api version quit working. This first happened when this forum server was down which got me wondering if some kind of cloud processing happens. It doesn’t add up for me that the api call to my Hassio quits working when the webhooks disappear from the Nabu Casa cloud page.

Have you logged a support issue on the nabu casa site to report your issue with them disappearing?

I did open a support ticket, but have not received a reply.

I thought it was just me. It’s so damn frustrating.

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Oh geez. I just figured this out. When you create a webhook automation in the UI instead of editing the yaml file. It doesn’t set initial_state: on so when you restart the automation for the webhook isn’t on and therefore the webhook isn’t available.


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Great, I’ll give it a try. I added initial_state: True after the alias in automations.yaml, went to the automation editor and renamed the automations, went back to yaml and the initial_state: true was relocated to the bottom of each automation. A power cycle to the rPI and the webhooks are still working. Thanks for sharing this.