Weblink and switch in the same row on card

Hello. I have a entities card in wich I would like to show both the link to a Docker Container (in this case Pi-Hole) and a switch to turn it on/off. I have managed to do it separately in different rows of the card (using a weblink and a switch that comes from the monitor docker custom integration, But I don’t know how to put it together in the same line

  - type: weblink
    name: Pi-Hole
    icon: mdi:pi-hole
  - entity: switch.docker_raspberry_pihole
    icon: mdi:pi-hole

with this result shown bellow

I have also tried using a grid card with a markdown a button, but the results doesn’t look as neat as expected

  - type: markdown
    content: '[Pi-hole]('
  - type: button
      action: toggle
    entity: switch.docker_raspberry_pihole
    icon: mdi:pi-hole
    show_icon: true
    show_name: false
    icon_height: 30px

EDITED: It seems as I am a new user I can only post one image… Well, one image to show it all


Does anyone know how to put it all together in the same line?

Same result like in your picture may be achieved by using “horizontal-stack” + “markdown” + “button”.
But it gives borders for the cards.
To git rid of the borders try using custom:stack-in-card.