Weblinks issue

A little thing I have noticed which isn’t a big deal, but I can’t figure out why it is behaving this way. I have set up some weblinks in the following format;

   - name: Pi-Hole
     icon: mdi:router-wireless

They appear to work fine, but I noticed when I clicked on a link it would show a pop-up blocked notification in my web browser. I decided to allow pop-ups for hassbian.local:8123 and when I clicked on the links it opened the link twice in separate tabs.

I have put the pop-up block back on, but was wondering why it was trying to open two instances of my weblinks in the first place?

Works normal on my end. Which browser / OS are you using?


I am using Windows 10 and Chrome

Working fine here too.

If I use Edge browser or use my iPhone I have no issues. It’s not a big issue worth spending too much time on. I just thought it was an interesting quirk.

Which is kinda weird in itself as Edge is not known for it’s compatibility with HA.