Webostv (LG) notification timeout

I have only been work with HA for a little while but noticed an option to send notify messages to my smart LG TV running webos, this would be really useful. So I set an automation to notify the TV when a particular binany_sensor activates. This works fine except the displayed message only stays on the screen for about 5 seconds. It took me awhile to realize it was working as the TV is down stair and the test message had already disappeared.

I have looked everywhere trying to find if it is possible to set the message to stay longer or even permanently until it is manually cleared

Any help would be appreciated.


This should give you some info on the subject:


Hi Danbutter,

Thanks for your quick reply. That link is very useful.

So by default what I am generating is a ‘Toast’ type notification where what I want is an ‘Alert’ type. Would you be able to point me to an example how to implement an ‘Alert’ type in HA? I have had a quick look and it’s not obvious.

Thanks again.


Is there any update with that?
Can be done via “ALERT” intergration?

any good news about alerts?