Webpage card certificate mismatch error on Companion app after Core and HA upgrade

I recently upgraded from 2023.11.2 to 2024.4.2. I have a tab in the dashboard with a webpage card serving up an http page that is the Logitech Media Server interface for my squeezebox players. Since the upgrade I now get the following error when I open this tab on the companion app on my Android phone and the interface does not work. Everything else in HA works properly.

“Unable to connect to Home Assistant. The Home Assistant Hostname certificate mismatch, please review the Home Assistant certificate or the connection settings and try again.”

Home assistant is served over http internally and I do have the Nabu Casa Cloud integration for external access. The card fails to load entirely when I’m outside my home network which is to be expected.

I can open the same URL in a browser on the same phone and it works fine. Also works without error in a browser from a laptop. My partner’s Companion App on her iPhone also works without error.

I’ve cleared app cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, and nothing seems to resolve the error.

I’ve searched other posts and forums on this error and have come up empty on a solution. Logs haven’t been much help either but I may be looking in the wrong place.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I also had this problem