Webpage card to display calendar

Hi all,

I want to display a calendar (weekly planner for my son) on a dashboard.
So far this works fine with the webpage card and teamup online calendar - but the calendar is still „interactive“ like this.
Is there a way to just show a webpage as a background image without the possibility to adjust/interact?

Maybe best solution for you ( Not trusting your Son’s “good-will” ) is to make a script, i.e ( prnt-scr > my-sons-calendar.png ), and use this as a background(in any suitable-card), or exposed to another local “tiny-virtual-webserver” exposed to “other users” as view-only, fullscreen-environment, no right-click etc. etc.

As this seems to be an “online” solution(not integrated in HA), i assume that he actually needs login credentials here aswell, for him to see/edit anything, OR does this “Online-Service” in fact have a i.e “share” read-only option ?

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Thanks for your reply. It has a „read only“ function - but with iframe it’s still „clickable“.
I‘m gonna give it a try with the prnt scr script👌🏻

try this