Webpage View and Cookies

I’m using the webpage card as a single card to display my favorite cooking website.
It scales the page and makes navigating it easy and pleasant, it’s awesome for my use except one glaring problem.

It does not save cookies, which means every click I do inside the webpage leads to a new cookie dialog and also I can never login to the darn page.
I can live without login in but the damn cookie dialog is awful.

Is there any workaround in order to get this to work?
I’ve tried the Firefox add-on but it rendered the webpage slowly and wrongly scaled in addition to using way more resources. The webpage card displays it all perfectly.
Is there any amount of HACS I can do to have a web browser working inside my Android Companion App?

I know I could just use the browser version of homeassistant and then open the webpage in another tab. That means browers_mod pop-ups no longer work and also it could be used to browse other sites which is not wanted.