WEBRelay Switch not working anymore

Hello @ all !

Until couple of days before, I was still running HA OS from mid 2023, which I did not upgrade.
In my configuration.yaml, I had definded a switch to open my garage door, which triggers an ip-relay… The code was as follows:

  - platform: command_line
    scan_interval: 5
        friendly_name: "Garagentor"
        command_on: "curl -k --http0.9"
        command_off: "curl -k --http0.9"

This was working fine until I made an update to the actual version. After that, the entry is still in configuration.yaml, but the switch in frontend has disappeared, saying that the entity is no longer available…

Can anybody help ? - This would be highly appreciated !


The syntax for command_line has changed.

OK, I changed the code to

  - switch:
      name: Garagentor
      command_on: "curl -k --http0.9"
      command_off: "curl -k --http0.9"

and now it is working! - Thank you very much for the info, @francisp , you made my day ! :slight_smile: