WEBRTC vs "MJPEG IP camera" or "Generic Camera"

Hi there,

I have a project to display who is ringing at my door, using the doorbel camera, and for this, I need an almost real time without lagging live picture / video.

So far I had tested my cameras (I have 4 plus the doorbel) through the “Generic Camera” and the “MJPEG IP Camera” Integrations, and ok, there are some delays.

I have followed up the instructions to install and use “WebRTC”, … but I have some questions then.

  1. Does the camera first need to be defined in the “MJPEG IP camera” or “Generic Camera” first before Webrtc can “recognize them” in its interface ?
  2. What do I need to do to be able to use the “WebRTC” stream ? Is there a specific entity created, or webRTC is just there in background, and once installed, the stream of the camera will speedup using MJPEG or Generic entities ??

in fact I did a resume of where I can find my 5 cameras in HA with their integration end entities ID … and as you can see, I find nothing related to WebRTC entity :


Many thanks !