Website: Filter components (e.g. IoT Class: local polling)

In order to create a smart home that is able to operate truly local, I would like to filter the components based on their way of polling data.
The IoT Class is already filled in for most of the components which makes that no new information is needed.
This filter mechanism could later be extended to whether the component is translated etc.

Another way to implement this could be in the same way as the ‘Added in version xx’; with categories for the different IoT Classes.

For now i’m managing this with google not ideal
with search text “site: Local Polling”

I’m really surprise this feature request didn’t get more upvote. Their is so many components right now in HA. A filter function would be really helpful.

and yet, bump this FR once again :slight_smile:

Definitely a feature I’m missing on the Home Assistant integration page. Shouldn’t be to hard to implement I guess since the integration page already contains filtering on added in version …

Feature request vote +1 :ballot_box: