Website Uptime Monitoring (HTTP/HTTPS)

I would like to monitor my hosted website but the server does not respond on ping and I can not monitor it with SNMP. Which possibilities do I have to monitor my website?
I checked the documentation and tried to use the TCP sensor or NMAP device tracker. This did not work in my case. Any suggestions by the community?

You might try using It has a free tier. If you want to integrate it they have an open JSON API.

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Hello Metbril

Thanks for you suggestion. Certainly a good idea. I will check their API to figure out how I can implement it.

All the best

I know it is an old topic but I ended up using UptimeRobot (Free API) in combination with a command line CURL sensor.

You need to specify a “monitor-specific api_key” on your UptimeRobot Dashboard.

FREE planfor the API is currently : 10 req/min
Home Assistant will scan every 150 seconds (2.5 Minutes). The Free Plan will check online status every 5 Minutes.

Put this in your configuration.yaml and restart Home Assistant Service.

  # Website - Uptime Sensor
  - platform: command_line
    name: Website Uptime Sensor
    command: 'curl -X POST -H ''Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded'' -H ''Cache-Control: no-cache'' -d ''api_key=PUTyourAPIkeyHERE&format=json&logs=1'' '''' | jq .monitors[].logs[].reason.detail | head -n 1 | tr -d ''"'''
    scan_interval: 150