Websocket API call to "config/entity_registry/list" does not include MQTT sensors

My MQTT sensors (entities) don’t get returned in Websocket API call to “config/entity_registry/list”.

(They do work nicely in Home Assistant.)

Config example (configuration.yaml):

    - object_id: "movEnergy openHasp platetv"
      unit_of_measurement: "%"
      icon: mdi:motion-sensor
      unique_id: "movEnergy_openHasp_platetv"
      state_topic: "hasp/platetv/state/ld2410"
      value_template: "{{ value_json.movEnergy }}"
        name: "OpenHASP TV"
          - "openhasp_platetv"

HA Core 2024.4.3
HA Frontend 20240404.2

Is there a problem with my configuration?
Or is it a problem of Home Assistant?

Reason I want to have these entities in the call: I need the area_id of the entities to make some automations in node-red.

Any help appreciated, thx.

The sensor is in .storage/core.entity_registry
P.P.S. added device attributes

I had the same problem a while ago. You need to add uniqe IDs, then it should be no problem. I use temperature sensors that are MQTT and they are listed, since I gave them IDs. Good luck

P.S.: My bad, I see you use unique IDs. Strange, this was my problem, after I added IDs they were listed in websocket config.