Websocket on SSL HA

I’m using HA with SSL, because of DYNDNS access. At home I would like to create a little gadget on my Pi Pico, that I wanted to connect without SSL and make a websocket call. Is there a way to use SSL and an SSL-less websocket connection on local network ? In my case I cannot use SSL on the Pi Pico. Perhaps someone has an idea how to mix both connections… SSL from outside and NO SLL from local network (no GUI access, just websocket).

You can leave HA proper without SSL, and use what is called a “reverse-proxy” to secure remote access.

The “nginx” addon does exactly that:

Another possibility is to only use remote access through a peer-to-peer VPN, like Tailscale. As the tunnel itself is encrypted, you can use HA without SSL without security issues.

Thank you very much, nginx is nice :slight_smile: , somehow i missed this possibility.