Webthing things description

I would like to see webthings work. Even if its not released yet. I’m waiting long enough now. If w3c does not act, I don’t care.
Mozilla proved the standard to work and it’s time to get things realy “open” standardized.

What do you think?

I would like to see an integration also, I’ve have a play with WebThings today and already has python support which should help.

W3C recommendation since April 2020

Are there any devices and/or hubs in the market, which already use the WoT standard?

The only hub I know is the gateway from Mozilla which is in transition to webthings-io because they stopped dev. It works great but has a very restricted user interface. Devices i don’t think exist else than the self-made ones. (I can only paste 2 links so see in the first link under framework for information how to build your own webthing)

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For me the biggest benefit is actually that the WoT Thing Description (JSON-LD) defines how to interact with a thing. So on long term one would only have a WoT component within home assistant and a repository of thing descriptions that define how to interact with existing things. But yes, the list of already existing thing descriptions is short, as far as I know.