Weekend Schedule

I would like some certain lights to stay on later (i.e. to sunrise) on weekends, and then revert back to their normally schedule during the week.

I have a input boolean, entitled Entertaining, which I was trying to leverage, but if there’s another, better way, I’m all ears.

Thank you!

There is a workday sensor you can make use of. it also takes public holidays into account.

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i just use inject nodes.

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That is helpful. Any way you could share the entire flow?

look for the posts called “rabbit hole”


Sweet. Can I see how you have the random Alexa TTS setup? I tried formatting the change to take the random number and replace with {“message”:“Message here”} but it’s giving me an API error.

Have you looked into the Big Timer node? Very powerful for those sorts of things

Wow! I use Big Timer a lot, but never realized it had all the additional features for day of the week/month. I’ll have to revisit that! Thank you.

i just reworked my flow to use the workday sensor. so it won’t wake me up on holidays.


Stupid question, but what node are you using for the workday sensor and the “stone home”? I don’t have a node with that icon.

you need to have the HA-websocket palette installed.

You can also add this to your flow:



Im using google but i think it works on Alexa too.

Hi @stone…any way you can show me a screenshot of the change node in the Alexa example? I’m getting the number announced as output, and I’ve tried a few iterations.


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