Weekly Streak Visualization - Thumbs Up & Thumbs down

I’m trying to figure out the best way to build a “Weekly Streak Visual” that consists of 7 thumbs up / down paddles with a thumbs up :+1:t3: and :-1:t3: graphic on each side.

The idea is they are set to “neutral” at the beginning of the week where each paddle is facing sideways. If I complete the task the paddle will spin to show the :+1:t3: side. If I don’t it will spin and show the :-1:t3: side.

I was thinking something along the lines of a 12v worm gear motor, a pwm controller, and esphome for each of the seven paddles.

Am I on the right path?

Why use multiple ESPs? A single ESP32 with one servo per paddle would work fine - assume you are only moving one paddle at a time.

Make sure you get servos that can be driven with 3.3V

Thank you!

Is there a specific esp32 dev board you would recommend that would be easy to work with?

Depends on how quick you want it and if you want to pay premium price.

My favourite premium board is the ESP32 Thing from Sparkfun, mainly because it’s good for battery powered projects. Also you can often get it overnight.

The majority of the boards I have are generic ESP32 DEVKIT-C, 38 pin. These I get from Aliexpress or Chinese sellers on eBay for next to nothing.


I ended up getting this dev board to avoid any soldering. I’m hoping the ESP32 just snaps into the expansion board.


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