Weight Scale

I’m looking for some help on making a propane tank weight scale using esp8266 and an HX711. I’ve followed this amazing tutorial: Measure Propane, CO2, Salt, and so much more with this DIY MQTT Weight Sensor using Tasmota – The

However my readings come back with nothing, always “0” no matter what weight I put on them. Any ideas what could be going wrong?


I did the same thing using them as bed occupancy sensors

I got lucky with the first one, the second one gave me issues

the weight sensors are very finicky. Are u seeing a change in weightRaw?

it is possible one or more wires are reversed. Either something you did, or the manufacturer swapped wire colors. One of mine was opposite

yeah so I checked weightRaw and nothing is changing there either. So following the video I connected the white wires 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 and then connected the black wires to 1 to 4 and 2 to 3. I wasn’t getting any readings so I then swapped that and connected white wires 1 to 4 and 2 to 3 and the black wires 1 to 2 and 3 to 4. I’m still not getting any readings so I will maybe double check my header pin soldering and end crimping to see if that’s maybe the problem.

ok I’ve checked all soldering joints and played around with swapping black and white wires and still nothing. Is it possible one of the red, white, and black wires on one of the load cells is reversed? How would I go about checking that?

this is another good video. you can use a multimeter to test them.

without a multimeter You can test by settings them up 2 at a time. 1 at a time requires 1k resistors

Awesome thanks devWaves! I contacted the seller and they did a refund for me which was awesome so I ordered another set so hopefully I’ll be able to get this working next week.

I tried to do the same thing and had the same issues as someone listed above. I mean, the wires’ colors were different, and I didn’t even know that. I understood that only after I decided to change them out of my curiosity. And to be honest, that made me laugh so freaking much. It was kind of a hysterical laugh, as I understood how stupid I was. To be honest, I wanted to make a scale similar to this one Vont Smart Body Scale - Vont. Basically, the final result wasn’t that bad. However, it didn’t work for too long.