WEINZIERL 838 kBerry - yes or no?

Hi folks!

In a couple of months they start to build my/our new home.
I would like to do electricity myself, I would like to install KNX, probably in combination with home assistant.
I came across the WEINZIERL 838 kBerry.
Is this interesting to use, instead of a KNX IP router for example? Anyone any ideas?

Thanks and cheers!

You could use this together with KNXD.
However, i still did not found a way to use KNXD + kberry to program with ETS5.
Reading and writing values to the bus, and connecting with HA is no problem.

Hope this helps.


I’m interesting by this topic :slight_smile:
I have KNX devices in my house and I would like to use Hass to control my installation.

Hass seems to have a KNX component https://www.home-assistant.io/components/knx/ but we have to use an IP gateway.

I like the onboard card baos-module-838 because it’s less expensive than an IP gateway.

Do you know if it’s compatible with the Knx component in hass ?

The hass Knx module uses standard Knx/ip routing or tunneling. If the device supports it you should be fine.
If you have a usb interface you can use eg. a RaspberryPi with knxd to work as Knx/ip interface. There is a topic here somewhere about this.
I’d advice to get a real (maybe used) Knx/ip interface. This is probably the most stable and easy option.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but, I’m looking into the same… A KNX IP interface price is like 3 times that of the kberry module…

Has anyone managed to connect home assistant to KNX using one of those and a single raspberry pi?


I didn’t try to run knxd or calimero.
Instead I wrote llsdk software to work with BAOS 83x devices in LinkLayer mode.


So after you have setup UART run llpub at first and then llnet. You may use two ssh sessions or tmux software as well. If everything is ok, you will be able to connect ETS(with NAT option enabled), and hassio as well.

From ETS you will be able to work with group addresses as well as with transport connections - so it is possible to program device applications.