Weird behavior with IOS App & Floorplan

as I continue to build my floorplans, I come across weird behaviors.

Here is the latest.

I have a few rectangles in my svg that are not showing up. For my balcony and decks, I used a fill pattern that I created.

In my PC browser (chrome), the decks appears fine, like below. The two decks circled in red.

on my iPhone. not the same result. I used the HA App first where I noticed the issue then, I tired it in Chrome and the same result. The fill pattern is transparent.

As a test, I assigned an ID to the fill rectangle with the pattern and used it to turn light on/off, so it is there just transparent for some reason.

Likely a browser limitation. You can see here that it doesn’t matter which mainstream browser you use they are the same under the hood New iPhone browsers on the way without WebKit: Chrome, Firefox.

Same for the companion app I believe