Weird behavour zwave plug in reporting energy


One of my z-wave plugs I use to measure energy, a NODON MSP-3-1-X1, is behaving strangeley in reporting energy consumption.

The value when checking it in the z-wave JS integration it seems to be correct, but somewhere on the way to hass and the energy-integratio, it will completely change value to something completely out there.

Right now the value for today is 1255147, 27 kWh, the sensors value is 8,39 kWh since reset.

It doesn’t affect other values, like total consumption,

I also have configured utility-sensors that have the same problem.

when looking at the sensors history, there are plenty of spikes, both positive and negative.

I have another same brand plug that does show a spike as well, but doesn’t show a value completeley out there.

And my fibaro-plugs behave as they should.

So, is this maybe just a question of the spikes messing things up? And a filter will solve the problem?

I guess I could thest that, but I must say that when I have previously used filters they kind of makes things more troublesome. Maybe there should be a built in function in the integrations and so no need for yet another sensor…