Weird file name when saving doorbell photo

I run HA on Docker/Synology.
I want to take a snapshot from my doorbell and save that photo with a unique time stamp-file name.
I have it working with setting a helper with filename including date/time. Helper looks OK with value aka the file name ‘snapshot_20230728_13:49.jpg’
Then I save the picture with file name /config/www/{{ states(‘input_text.deurbeldt’) }} expecting a new file /www/snapshot_20230728_13:49.jpg.
But the file created shows up under the weird name SSRP32-0.JPG

Any one a clue??

You’ve not mentioned details of the camera nor integration, however this works well for me on Ubiquiti:

  - service: camera.snapshot
      filename: /config/www/redacted.jpg
      entity_id: camera.redeacted

My guess is the integration code chokes on something like %Y-%m-%d and defaults to text.

I’d try a passing a simple filename and text from there.

Issue resolved. Seems it was caused by using the semi-colon in the time. Thx for reply anyway!