Weird hue issue - bulbs offline in apple home but Siri is able to control them

I have a weird issue with my hue bridge. I don’t know if it’s related to ha, but I think here are the right people involved to address this.

I don’t use the home (apple) and alexa app a lot because my lights turn on by voice, automations or physical switches.

So because I don’t use it that often I can’t tell since when I have this issue.

Within home and alexa app my hue bulbs get the state “no reply” (in fact I get the German words “Keine Antwort” so I don’t know if that’s correct).

When I use Siri or Alexa in that “unknown” moment, it turns it on/off but it tells me that there is no connection. But in fact it just turned it on/off.

Also while it shows that state I am able to turn the lights on within the hue app and ha.

When I wait a little while I can see the bulb in home switching from “keine Antwort” to connected and the other way around.
So it works sometimes.

Does someone else have these issues?

I think I found the issue. DuckDNS (Installed as addon) in hassio wasn’t started.

It is set to autostart. Can someone approve that my issue above can be explained by this (duck dns stopped)?

Also is there a way to use a not started addon as a trigger to get a notification?


are you using emulated hue?

Yes, but not for those affected bulbs. Those are controlled by the hue bridge.