Weird issue with Yale lock

I’m having a weird issue with the Yale YRL220ZW619 lock.
Whenever I set a code in HASS, the lock partially stops functioning. Once one is set, I can no longer lock/unlock from HASS or set additional user codes. It still reports the lock state and the get_usercode command still works.
Other than that, the menu on the lock breaks as well. It comes up, but the pound key doesn’t work and the menu options aren’t clickable. The only button that works is the return button.
The only way I’ve found to reset it is by rebooting without the z-wave module, then putting it back in and rebooting.
I can’t think of any reason why it’s doing this, and part of the reason I bought the lock was to be able to automate setting codes.

If anyone has any idea on how to fix this, or some sort of work around it would be much appreciated.

EDIT: The lock has been added as a secure node and functions correctly until I try to set a user code.

Did you use Add Node Secure when pairing? Many devices will require this for full functioning on Z-Wave.

Yes, I did. Created the key and everything. The lock functions as it should until I set a user code through the command in HASS. I’ll edit the OP to include this. Thanks!

Could well be a fault with the lock then. There’s this thread, where some folks have had trouble, but I wonder if you’ve just got a faulty unit.

I’ll have to do some more searching. I’ve read through a lot of threads on this forum hoping for someone with a similar issue they resolved. I hope it’s not a faulty unit, I already replaced one that shipped with a broken touchscreen. I might try swapping out the z-wave modules before I ship the old one out.