Weird message in configuration check

When I now do a configuration check, I get a weird non descriptive message.

“Configuration will not prevent Home Assistant from starting!”

What does this tell me, nothing, there could be an error, there could be none… no matter it runs, but???

Why not leave it all correct or error?

I have the same message. What does it mean?

It was a half-arsed attempt at solving this issue:

It means your config could be invalid but it won’t stop home assistant from starting.

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Exactly but what is that for a message, say there is a fault but it runs, or say it is correct and leave it at that, now it says nothing at all.

Same as someone says there is weather today, yeah so what should i wear wellies or should i go in my speedo, no information at all.

Plus I had a faultless version running before the update.

The configuration check is only meant to safeguard against Home Assistant failing to start back up again after a restart. It will not detect errors which, for example, will not prevent Home Assistant from starting but will keep an automation or a script from loading.

Hence the rephrased explanation in the dialog:

A basic validation of the configuration is automatically done before restarting. The basic validation ensures the YAML configuration doesn’t have errors which will prevent Home Assistant or any integration from starting. It’s also possible to only do the basic validation check without restarting.

I agree the changed “positive” message is a bit confusing though; it insinuates something is wrong with the configuration:

Configuration will not prevent Home Assistant from starting!

If you have a suggestion for a clearer message, please comment.

It’s clear it would be nice if the configuration validation could distinguish between:
a) No issues at all
b) Some issues which don’t prevent a restart (e.g. an automation won’t load)
c) An issue which will prevent a restart

Unfortunately, the way to distinguish between a) and b) is not clear.

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I agree it is a hard one to solve (language barriers probably come into play in this case as well).

The fact is, the configuration check isn’t a full check (and won’t be able to do that). In the past (it feels like years ago by now), everything in Home Assistant was statically configured in YAML. So, it could also be validated/checked as such. However, that is no longer the case, we have more and more dynamic elements in our configurations.

The “Check configuration” sometimes becomes “false advertising” as it cannot check all anymore. Is it still useful? Yes! It does check the bare basic stuff to ensure Home Assistant will start.

Personally, I think the message provided now, explains that/emphasizes that. But I also understand it can be confusing. The question is though, it the message that is unclear? or is it unclear what check configuration does? (As in, expectations from the past).



a) returns “Configuration will not prevent Home Assistant from starting!” in green.
b) returns “Configuration will not prevent Home Assistant from starting!” in green and generates log entries and persistent notifications detailing the issues.
c) returns “Configuration invalid!” in red and lists an error in the config check result.

This would be better as:

a) returns “Configuration Valid” in green
b) returns “Configuration will not prevent Home Assistant from starting but there are issues, see logs for details” in red. If you can generate log entries you must be able to tell when this happens?
c) returns “Configuration invalid!” in red and lists an error in the config check result.

I understand that, that it is impossible to check all third party things check all added things too, but it is listed under the head YAML so if it checks that we be pleased and then I hope it can fully check yaml code as I was thinking.
SO there it says the YAML files/codes are not containing errors so it should run.

By the way with I had a fully super smooth running HA environment but after the last two updates i get so often not able to enter this page errors like this:

Error while loading page developer-tools.

and integraties too and many others, I know fully different option but maybe someones knows what is wrong here. And they do load after 5-6 retries and clicking the button after that they are there till i relog in then it starts again…?

That is exactly what I meant, thank you. I now after reading the posts here understand that what i expected the check to do was not fuly the case, but with this message I indeed had the feeling ok something is wrong, not telling what is wrong, but go on restart I will work. Made me feel like needing to scan all my code to see why this message.

ty for explaining, and yes could it be rephrased :slight_smile: