Weird mqtt broker log entries

I get the following mosquitto mqtt log entries over and over again. Does anyone have any idea what they mean?

Running 0.84.3 with mosquitto mqtt broker add-on

1546273478: New connection from on port 1883.
[INFO] found MYUSERNAME on local database
1546273479: New client connected from as mosqpub|2313-de3cd379-r (c1, k60, u'MYUSERNAME').
1546273479: Client mosqpub|2313-de3cd379-r disconnected.

My log is filled with these lines.

It means one of your components is posting via mosquitto_pub.

One of my components? What could that be? Is there a way to find out which one?

You could install an MQTT client like MQTTfx on your PC and subscribe to all topics ( # ).

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Does it matter? Is there a problem with your system?

No, there isn’t. I was just looking for a place to check mqtt messages are being received. I figured they would show up in the add-on logs. Apparently they don’t, but I was confused by the log entries.

I installed an mqtt sniffer on my phone and that works for me. Thanks @tom_l for the tip.