Weird stacked values in history graphs after migration to MariaDB

Hi, did migration from local sqlite DB to MariaDB by:

  1. stopping recorder
  2. moving data from local sqlite to mysql db by this guide
  3. configuring the access to remote SQL database in the configuration.yaml
  4. starting recorder (I see HASS accessing the database on the SQL machine)
  5. for clean I also restarted whole HASS system via shell (it runs on Odroid C4)

Everything worked without problems but. Now I see in power graphs this output:

Seems that values are stacked on top of each other? Witout any values between them.

It is tiny control LanController relay 3.8 (LK3) with SDM120 power meter with native integration in HASS and some power meter inserts which collects data via zigbee2mqtt. Before migration it was fine but since LK3 collects data every second I decided to switch to MariaDB on different machine on network to avoid killing SD card on Odroid C4 where HASS runs. Tried to poke around on the database and compare old sqlite db file with data in MariaDB but I don’t see any problems there.

Anyone have clue what’s going on here?

Logging doesn’t seems to be indicating any problems with DB, maybe I’m looking at it wrong point?

Thanks for any help.

Sloved by completely nuking existing database and let it start over from scratch.

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