Weird switch outlet combo behavior

Upt ot recently everything was working fine, but today I discovered that no more… So I have IKEA switch and IKEA plug paired with HA via deconz. SImple action turning on/off connected iron using switch (plus obviously remote monitoring and notification in case I forgot to switch it off). Now it sopped to work in very strange way; I cannot use switch to change state of plug (physical device does not respond), but status of switch in HA is show as changed corresponding to actions initiated from swith. On the other hand if I open properties of plug, I can manually change its state from there. for example I can manually, from dashboard swith it on, but I can’t swith it off from switch, though then dashboard shows it as switched off. I need to make it appear to be switched on (either via switch or manually) and the only manuall I can switch it off fro dashboard. Very confusing… what might be wrong here?