Weird temperature flow on my Pi

I am using and my cpu temperature is showing a weird flow. What is causing this difference, how can I find out what is running during the day and not during the night?!

Do you have an automated snapshot scheduled for that time?

At the spike: yes. That’s not what I mean.

Why is it high from 7 till 20 and low in the night?

What about ambient temperature?

Just wanted to say - sun maybe? :slight_smile:

Doen’t differ a lot, is steady.

It is indeed the same timeframe as the sun!? Doesn’t give me a clue.

sun shines on the unit ? room temp is generally warmer when sun shines from the window? or you have some automation that decreases the room temp for the night time?

I use the iostat command to see CPU load on muy Pi :slight_smile:

The top command is good to see what process if using the CPU

No, the temp in de room is steady.

Thanks, will have a look at it.

I noticed just now that “usr” is taking ~20% CPU, but can’t find any other deviations. Not sure how to interpret the output of the iostat command, will take a look tomorrog.

Issue seems solved since last update…!