Weird Zigbee2MQTT sensor readings

My Z2M is showing a curious behavior, some sensors are receiving (or at least publishing on MQTT) at least 3 times in the same moment

In the same second the sensor appears to being read 3 times and published on MQTT also 3 times.
And it’s happening with various others

The network map is a little messy but may be useful for something:

My network is composed by:

  • Coordinator: Sonoff USB Dongle-E
  • 2x Router: Sonoff USB Dongle-P
  • Devices (Moes ZSS-ZK-THL, Gledopto GL-S-006P, Tuya SPM01, Tuya TS011F_plug_1 and others)

Does anyone knows what may be happening?

Set a debounce on the device

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It helped a lot with the messages and the constant recordings on the HA, the zigbee network still a little overloaded due the constant messages. Sometimes some lamps takes a few to react but the other option is take off every sensor, so… LoL
The debounce along with an automation to restart Z2M each 2 days, made the things became less unstable.

If you have a lot of “chatty” sensors, you might want to think about segmenting them onto their own mesh. So, you’ll essentially have 2 Zigbee networks, each with it’s own coordinator and Z2M instance. But, your “main” mesh will be a lot quieter and devices there will respond better.

Just a suggestion.

I didn’t know it was even possible in HA, luckily I have an coordinator stop in front of me.
So, I should have 2 instances of Z2M connected to different coordinators? What about interference (or EMI) between it?
Is there a tutorial or something explaining how to do ?

lol I said it’s something to THINK about. :wink: It adds complexity to your environment, yes, but for overly chatty sensors where you are seeing issues from your other devices, it might make sense.

You could also replace your coordinator with either a Tubez one or a Zigstar. Both of them are more powerful than your standard USB coordinator and can handle a lot more traffic in the mesh. I have one of Tubez older CC2652P2 coordinators with a ton of devices (100+), both chatty and not and have zero problems on my mesh. Personally, I prefer Tubez’s coordinators and that guy is amazing when it comes to questions.

There should be some posts in the Zigbee category about multiple Zigbee networks. But read my previous paragraphs first :smiley:

It seems to be a great ideia, the problem for me will be finding or importing one of those to here (Brazil).
I will really consider your recommendations. If I get lucky may I find one, I have no problems at all in replacing it and repairing the devices. I want peace and stability on my network LoL

The ideia of multiple networks seems to be interesting too, but I little complicated due facts as managing and interference (with the other zigbee network signal) and WiFi.
For a moment I thought my coordinator was a good one, but it seems there are really better options out there.

Shoot a message to @tube0013 (there is also a megathread going as well that he usually replies to) and see what he can do for you. I’m pretty sure he has shipped his devices all over the world at this point (lol) and I swear by his coordinators and routers. That guy puts out some amazing work.


Is works fine with Z2M?

Thank you very much for your attention and information! :heart:

Can confirm Tube’s coordinators are rock solid and work with Z2M. Been using one of his coordinators with z2m for the past couple of years without any issues.


Same! Although, I’m REALLY tempted to get his 2023 POE version.


I’ve sent a few to Brazil, it may take a few 2-3 weeks with the cheapest shipping.

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